Greg Borenstein

The Valley of Heart’s Delight: Tinkle Toy

The Valley of Heart's Delight: Tinkle Toy is an installation that uses special effects as an artistic medium to construct an absurd and eccentric monument to the origins of the personal computer.

Thesis: Final Project

The Valley of Heart's Delight is a network of physical sculptures that are captured by cameras and composited together in the computer in order to create a coherent scene. That scene depicts a moment of intersection between the counterculture and the military industrial complex that occurred at the birth of the personal computer. Specifically, it tells the story of computer pioneer Doug Engelbart undergoing a psychedelic experience and inventing a potty training aid for young boys: the tinkle toy.

The sculptures employ special effects techniques such as miniature scale, green screen backdrops, and motion capture to create the individual elements that make up the scene.