Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd


collective story telling through sculpture art and meditation.

Collective Storytelling

Trans+Form is the participatory art and collective storytelling project that let the participant to join the endless chain of clay forming and mindfulness. Aiming to establish the face to face connection by collector(me) and artist(participant)spend the time to do meditation and talk at the quiet place, usually their house. The art pieces is collect all the photo showing the changing of clay from the beginning until the last participant with the website that collect voices, portrait, title and description for audience to discover more.

My participants were chosen from my friends at first but I think about trying to expand it to others people in NYC.

User Scenario
1. Give the title and the description of the sculpture made by former participant.

2. Do meditation for 15 minutes.

3. Form the clay with out Ego with thier eye closed.

4. Interview.

5. Document

6. Give the sculpture to the next participant.

I never make a collective storytelling project before. I learn a lot about how to collect and present the story in the most simple and effective way.