Greg Dorsainville


TubeyLoops takes video sequencing to the web using the power of HTML5 and javascript.

Video and the Open Web

HTML5 has brought the opportunity to use video in the same way that earlier versions of HTML has altered images, word, and the visual presentation of the web. By using the events created by Patternsketch, an HTML5 audio sequencer, Tubeyloops binds these sounds with open video samples taken from the internet. This is made possible using javascript library popcorn,js. which opens up the role of video on the web by allowing the timeline to trigger other plugins like google maps and twitter feeds.


This idea has many influences, including: Youtube Remixer Thru You, Steve Reich's Clapping Music, hardware video sequencers, the gregory bros, and the looping ideas and audio illusions described by Diana Deutsch.

Everyone who wants to play on the internet. As this is open source, anyone can contribute.

User Scenario
In the space, i would have a cache of video samples one can make samples out of, and a webcam to pull in video live during the show. Then visiting, the user could remix other video content with the video they recorded live.

Computer, Screen, short throw projector, headphones and wall behind it.

that jquery and javascript rule, there are limits to the browser, but even those limits bring interesting ways to remix video and music.