Bobby Genalo


Artphones provide the framework and inspiration to turn any physical form into a working cell phone or walkie-talkie.


In the age of customization, I often wondered why I couldn’t have more of a say in what my cell phone looked or felt like. Intrigued, I walked around the city with a piece of wood held to my ear, pretending to hold a conversation as passersby looked on in bewilderment.

This playful, abstract way of viewing the world is one that I am looking to foster both in myself and in others. During the semester I worked with a third-grade class in Brooklyn to develop custom walkie-talkies and, with adults, discussed the hidden benefits of designing one’s own screen-less, internet-less cell phone (e-waste consciousness, personalization, et al).

My hope is that Artphones will encourage people to blur the line between producer and consumer, empowering them to ask more questions and lead more creative, responsible lives.