Hanna Kang-Brown
Jee Won Kim

Bouncing Balls

'Bouncing Balls: A Collective Experience of Random and Analog Commands (documented video)' is an audience-participating performance experience which interprets a digital processing sketch into an analog version.


Recurring Concepts in Art

The planning of performance started with interpreting a basic Processing sketch that digitally bounces balls with random option and commands. With this particular Processing sketch, one more balls in generated when mouse is pressed, all balls could be cleared out when space-bar is pressed, and the color of balls change when character 'T' is pressed. The performance itself tried to give participants the most subtle instructions in the beginning and also balls and the command center. The command center is consisted of three analog commands- a bag of pretzels, a pillow, and a maraca. These represent the interpreted commands that make our bodies to generated movement in the space.