Owen Roberts
Sae-Wook Huh

Cave Temple for Training Digital Ninjas

Cave Temple for Training Digital Ninjas is an interactive art piece that project holograms digitally echoing events around it.


Computational Cameras

Cave Temple uses multiple digital cameras that dissect the visual informations that they take in and re-assembles the visual elements in different layers and time to re-invent new and spiritual meanings for the events that surrounds our daily lives.

Our final project, currently titled “Cave temple for training digital ninjas,” incorporated ideas and work from a few of the projects we worked on during the semester. We were interested in using Pepper’s Ghost along with live video feeds to put people in a new space. At first we were interested in doing an installation in an abandoned store front, using a video feed with some effects like the video filters I had made and background cancelation so people could see themselves as ghosts in real time. Unfortunately, none of the real estate agents I tried calling ever responded to my messages.