Adria Navarro-Lopez
Luisa Pereira Hors


Celluloid is an installation where, armed with a flashlight, one can explore films hidden in 16mm film segments.

Spatial Media

A frame hangs in a dim room. As a visitor comes in, she picks up a flashlight. She is able to make out the frame, and points it in that direction. She can then tell the stripes in the frame are made of film, and gets closer to inspect them. There are studies in black and white, sci-fi scenes, sepia frames, car explosions, animated characters. Sporadically, A flash of light runs through one or another stripe. She shines a light on one of them, and then the room lights up: a movie is projected on the frame, on the films themselves. She moves the light up and down one segment of film, and the movie moves forward or backwards. Flashing a light on another one reveals a different movie, which she controls with her light as well.

The idea for this project came from our interest in mixing digital and analog media, defining a space using a simple material (such as tape), and working with a material on the verge of obsolescence, and that people do not normally have contact with (such as film). The design of the frame –the segments of unrelated films that trigger somewhat related segments; the control the user has over what happens, and the fragmented experience– could be read as a reference to the way we experience video today. We are curious to see what people make of it (and what we make of it, once it’s finished).