Hsiao-Wen Chou

Cinderella’s Blissful Ball

Sensitive shoes remind viewers about the importance of maintaining proper posture and gait while donning those favorite high heels. Users will receive instant feedback on their joint movements through an accompanying processing sketch that tracks and visualizes joint movement and outputs an audio reminder to correct movement, or a motion generated digital sketch. Walking sketches can live in the “Joint Movement Gallery” or can be printed out and taken home.

http://s230863404.onlinehome.us/itp_html5/HTML5_spring/ final_layout/index.html

Biomechanics for Interactive Design,HTML5

This project is motivated by the growing trend in super high heels. Improper posture in high heels can lead to knee stress and injury. The core pieces of Cinderella are force sensors that are placed inside of high heels: one at the heel and one at the ball of the foot. Correct posture and movement in high heels would show that the foot is making first impact at the ball of the foot, and the second impact point would be at the heel of foot. When the user is stepping incorrectly in the shoes, a processing sketch will trigger an audio reminder to straighten up. When the user is stepping correctly, there is the creative reward of a motion generated artwork being produced by the same processing sketch. This sketch can be saved as a .jpeg file that can be uploaded on a website, or printed out.