Alex Samoilescu
Mark Kleback
Seyyed Ali Sajjadi


A bombastic multi-media drum-powered experience

Boxes and Lines for Rods and Cones: Video Programming in Max,Spatial Media

A drumset is equipped with pressure sensors, and when the performer plays the kit, each drum triggers a different video or lighting effect. There will be 3-4 drum sensors, 1-2 variable pedals, a DMX lighting rig, a projector, and a Kinect. The idea is that media in a performance space should be a factor of the performers and the volume of the audio

The Arduino is the ideal input device, and since it supports up to 6 inputs, I can use multiple drum inputs, as well as a few variable foot pedals for other effects. I'd love for the drummer to be able to control everything easily, without stopping a performance. The program Max/MSP is the obvious choice for software because of its versatility to manipulate live input data.

The first target would be active drummers who could incorporate this into a live performance. Alternately, the audience is the target for the effects themselves.

User Scenario
A person sits down at the drumset. Whether or not they know how to play the drums, they understand that each drum triggers a separate lighting/visual effect. They experiment for 3-5 minutes playing on the kit to see each effect, then hand off the drumsticks to the next performer.

There will be a bass drum, floor tom, and snare drum each with piezo triggers built-in. There will also be a Roland digital hi-hat trigger which will act as a fourth input trigger. The remaining 2 inputs will be variable pedals that will adjust fade length/brightness/etc. Additionally, there will be a Kinect mounted in front of the kit controlling the projection effects. These will be projected directly in front of the kit so the performer can see exactly what is happening. The DMX lights will be mounted either above or below the kit. There will be one computer, and 2-3 Arduinos