Jason Stephens

Enhanced Visualization (EV) Therapy

Enhanced Visualization (EV) Therapy is a technologically mediated mind-body therapy founded on traditional healing practices and immersive interactive technologies.



EV Therapy is an integration of therapeutic massage, augmented reality, interactive video projections, and realtime visual feedback from an out-of-body perspective. Treatments involve the use of video goggles, which provide both client and therapist with a live view of the healing session from a single overhead perspective. Throughout the session, both client and therapist see what the other sees, a realtime view of themselves in a healing space from a shared point-of-view located outside both of their bodily borders. Clients watch themselves as the therapist creates, projects, and guides interactive visualizations and augmented reality objects onto the client’s body. A gesture based and wireless touchscreen interface untethers the therapist from a separate control mechanism, allowing the therapist to remain available to administer therapeutic bodywork. The end result is a multi-sensory multi-media healing experience.

Here's something on Cybernetic Acupressure: http://itp.nyu.edu/~js5346/jayblog/
I'm calling it AcuNetics, and it represents just a small portion of what i'm working on.

EV Therapy is geared toward anyone interested in receiving a session.

User Scenario
Users are invited to a 15 minute session inside the healing space. The first few minutes involve an quick introduction, an assessment, and a brief demonstration of how to wear the video goggles. The users/clients are then treat to a short session of Enhanced Visualization Therapy

The space is already setup at ITP. In order to be functional for the show, it need only remain in its current location.

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