Yelizaveta Lokshina

Etch-a-Sketch 3.0

An etch-a-sketch with a modern computer twist - colorful, fully controllable and addictive.

Introduction to Computational Media

Etch-a-sketch 3.0 puts a modern spin on the mechanical drawing toy that dates back to the 1950s. Using Arduino and Processing, this upgraded device allows users to draw on a computer monitor while using the familiar left and right knobs of the original toy. To spice things up, Etch-a-sletch 3.0 features a few simple buttons and a force sensor to give users full control of the line thickness and colors of their drawings. A refresh button saves images and provides a clean slate to continue drawing. And don't forget the hidden features - pressing two buttons at the same time will give users an awesome, trippy animated colorful form to draw with. A familiar physical interface with a few techy additions, this device is easy to use, fun, and kind of addictive.