Genevieve Hoffman

Financial Landscapes – Dow Jones, 2000-2012

Financial Landscapes - Dow Jones, 2000-2012 is a visualization of the 30 stocks on the Dow Jones as an abstract three dimensional landscape.


Financial Landscapes is a series of sculptures that visualizes financial data in a physical form. By plotting the prices and volumes of shares of each stock traded since 2000, I was able to generate 3D forms that resemble an abstracted mountain range. Each stock tile is textured with its logo, which is skewed according to its 3D geometry. From the side it might not be immediately clear that the landscape is based on stock data, but a view from above gives a more intelligible picture.

My goal with this project was to make physical aspects of the financial system that tend to be abstract and intangible. I want to call attention to the connection between these stocks and the environment. Not just in terms of ways that company's activities alter the environment, but how our financial system in general is in some ways an environment of its own, which shapes and is shaped by our collective activities.