Ann Chen
Danne Woo


Processing sketch that generates typefaces using a genetic algorithm.

The Nature of Code

Galapagos is a both a typeface creating tool and generative font made with Processing. We were interested in typography, evolutionary design, and genetic algorithms.

We experimented with Dan Schiffman's examples with genetic algorithms, in particular the ones that mimic genetic evolution, the strength and fitness of particular traits. We applied the processing library Geomerative to our sketch to access the points along the curve of the

Graphic Designers, Typography designers, people interested in easily creating font from their existing resources.

User Scenario
We will have the program set up on an iPad. User approaches iPad, directions on how to begin generating typeface will be clearly presented. When user generates first evolution of the typeface, they have the option of either printing and saving what they've created or creating another generation. The characteristics of the next font generation (color, shapes, size, etc.) can be determined by the user depending on how long they hover over each example. The longer they hover over one, the higher ranked that letter's characteristics will be and the more likely the next generation will look like that character. User saves the print and can email print to themselves.

Galapagos was made in Processsing and wil be presented on an iPad--which will act as a monitor-- and will be connected to a laptop. Archivable prints of type made with Galapagos will be hanging besides the setup. These prints will be roughly 11" x 14". One of these prints will show a complete typeface from A-Z, and a few more will be more abstract examples.

We learned a lot about generative design and how to use the Processing library Geomerative.