Philip Groman
Robbie Tilton


Group calling and collaborating made easy

Redial: Interactive Telephony

Rehuddle is the web's simplest and most convenient way to set up and manage conference calls. Huddles are created from a simple web form that generates a unique online meeting room with automatic sharing features. As callers connect to the huddle, the site displays active participants and offers sharing and collaboration features.

While developing the project we have looked at a variety of other conferencing solutions and social applications, including online music, instant messaging, web radio, and online education.

Our target audience is small creative businesses that cannot afford expensive phone systems and are looking for a free, easy and fun solution. Our secondary target market is for anyone looking to speak and share information with two or more people.

User Scenario
1) A group of professionals are collaborating on a project and need to instantly set up a phone based conference call. 2) One participant uses Rehuddle to create a conference room. 3) They share the link with colleagues. 4) Everyone calls in except for one person who is not online. 5) The group auto generates a call to bring the missing person onto the line.

The phone system is built on Asterisk 10 running on our own Rackspace server. The code is written in Ruby/ Sinatra, Node.js, Jquery/ JavaScript. Calls are routed through Flowroute and SMS functionality uses the Twilio API.

We have developed a much deeper understanding of telephony and conferencing calling systems, dynamic web development and server side scripting and systems administration. By presenting ourselves with an interesting design challenge to create a new interface for setting up conference calls, we undertook a rigorous design process and experimented with a series of different user interfaces and experiences.