Deqing Sun
Emily Webster
Engin Ayaz
Filipa Tomaz
Johnny Lu
Joseph Lim
Lilia Ziamou
Marcela Godoy
Matthew Epler
Michell Johanna Cardona
Oya Kosebay
William Jennings

Sculpting Data Into Everyday Objects

An Every Day Object made by combining code, rhino 3d modeling and digital fabrication tools.

Sculpting Data into Everyday Objects

We will be presenting projects we made as individuals or as groups. There are 9-10 projects ranging from wearable every day objects to sculptural light pieces.

Class work for Sculpting Data. We learned rhino, processing, python, panelling tools in rhino, etc...


User Scenario
Adult walks up views work maybe carefully holds it in hand with student over seeing the work.

Most of the projects are made of printed plastic. Others are made of Z Corp powder prints while others are soldered wire that are covered in plastic dip.

That one must iterate and iterate... only in this process can one's design evolve.