Jack Kalish
Nick Yulman

Secondhand Stories

An interactive table that tells stories about the objects on it.


Spatial Media

Secondhand Stories is an interactive installation designed for the context of a flea market or secondhand store. Several curious objects sit on top of the table. When a user picks one up, an outline of the object in light remains on the table, and the name of the previous owner of the object is displayed. The user hears the previous owner of the object tell a story about that object. The light flickers, mimicking the voice of the story teller. When the object is placed back on the table, the audio stops.

User Scenario
A user approaches the table, when they lift an object, they see a name and light projected on the table where that object was sitting, and they hear a voice telling a story about the object. When they put the object down, the audio and light fade out.