Luisa Covaria


Sombras is an interactive video installation that calls us to realize the beauty and the impermanence of life

Advanced Animation Studio,Computational Cameras,Video Sculpture

The piece immerses the viewer in a beautiful day at a beach while they listen to a woman talking about the memory of the best day in her life. She remembers a boy playing, a woman dipping her feet in the water , a couple walking along the beach and an old lady wearing a red dress. She describes this basic scene with the most utter pleasure. The user is able to pan left to right on the scene and his or her shadow is reflected on the sand. As we listen to the woman our shadow slowly disappears it is then that we learn that the woman is about to die and she will miss enjoying the pure beauty of simple things in life. She concludes by asking ‘what memory are you going to take with you?’

Every person who is willing to take six minutes to observe and listen

User Scenario
The ideal scenario places the video instalation in a corner in a room. The user stands with his/her back towards a wall and faces the screen hanging from the ceiling. The sensor used for the piece is the kinect, which will work best if it is placed under the screen facing a wall. This set up prevents f the kinect from detecting motion of people and objects that are not part of the experience.

The video installation requires,
one laptop or imac with processing and open NI, set of speakers, one short throw infocus projector, ceiling mount for projector, vga cable and extension, one kinect with usb extension, 4 feet screen (which is already made)needs to be hung from ceiling.