Dollee Bhatia


In this interactive floor game, you must stomp on dancing monsters.

Biomechanics for Interactive Design,The Nature of Code

This is an interactive floor projection game that tests dexterity by requiring the user to stomp monsters on the floor.

I took forward a project I found online by ex ITP student Liangjie Xia and I wanted to take it forward in an interactive game that fit perfectly for my classes Nature of Code and Biomechanics for Interaction.

I applied the concepts we learned in nature of code for the animation and movements of the monsters and incorporated user interaction using the Kinect. The final product is an interactive floor projection in which the user is required to stomp on dancing monsters.

It's a simple game that I'm hoping has a generic appeal to both kids and adults.

User Scenario
Ideally the user would stand by the projection on the floor, the application would take a couple of seconds to auto-calibrate and then the user stomps on the projected floor monsters.

Computer with Speakers, Processing, Kinect and a piece of floor.

Learned: how to learn and apply laws of physics in ways I could never imagine.

Discovered: No one else attempted skeletal tracking data for floor projections

Broke: My fist.. this was a very frustrating process to get to a point where it worked.