Craig Protzel

Story Scramble

A web-based word game, designed specifically for people suffering from early-stage memory loss, that aims to engage users with a mentally stimulating, entertaining, and streamlined digital experience.


"Story Scramble" is an online brain-exercise game created for people with early-stage memory loss, specifically people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Early-Stage Alzheimer's. The game challenges its users to unscramble words from the headlines of current news articles. After successfully unscrambling the word (or words), a user can choose to read the article or continue playing the game. Very few internet applications currently exist that are manageable and enjoyable for people with dementia. By being easy to navigate, providing cognitive stimulation, and focusing on engaging and relevant content, "Story Scramble" fosters a much-needed positive experience for this demographic. Developed in conjunction with the NY Alzheimer's Association, "Story Scramble" can be used both in group settings or individually at the institute's early-stage memory loss support center, which will be opening in NYC Spring 2013.