Kawita Kandpal

Time Lapse Farm Ledger

Time Lapse Farm Ledger is a narrative that follows the introduction of Monsanto to Southeastern Michigan and its adverse effects on my family's health, our farm, and regional wildlife.


Animals, People and Those In Between

In preparation for the foreclosure of our farm in May, I began the process of collecting our farm ledgers. The purpose of these ledgers is to record the day's accounting; however, my Father also employed the ledger as a diary and there were entries that gave me pause, as there were observations about Monsanto. Considering this, I retrieved seven ledgers from our home, one for each day of the week and selected a gestational stage to be represented in each ledger of a common field sparrow indigenous to Michigan. I am in the process of creating a space in each ledger as a place holder for the developing sparrow. I have extracted content from my Father's ledgers and these will be placed on the left hand page in proximity to a narrative about his interactions with Monsanto. On the right hand page, I will render seven stages of embryonic development of a sparrow in clay.

I possess a background in biology and have always been interested in exploring a narrative about the life of the American farmer and the livelihood that may be evolving toward extinction.

Anyone who is interested in farms, farming, and farm life from a first person point of view.

User Scenario
I consider this piece contemplative and it is my hope the participant is able to engage with the narrative, while being present as a witness to a bird's birth. I am in the process of adding a projector to place video images upon the final gestation stage of the sparrow. The final stage consists of a baby bird with two heads.

The person of interest whom I would like to highlight in the video is former Monsanto executive and current Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA, Michael R. Taylor. Should video footage of Taylor be insufficient, I shall employ video of Monsanto representatives and farmers discussing product safety on the record.

The installation is made of paper and clay. The gameplan is to offer a narrative of farm life and the livelihood that was ours.

We possess complex attachments to a place. For myself, my life and livelihood are interconnected as there is a proximity that exists between the professional and personal, the economic and ecological.