Oya Kosebay
zaquerie applepress

Van Gogh Palette

Watch the "Van Gogh Palette" paint your portrait in the impressionist style in front of your eyes


Introduction to Computational Media,Video Sculpture

Van Gogh Palette is inspired by the brush strokes of the greatest impressionists. It is using Van Gogh's brush strokes to paint the portrait of the person who is sitting in front of it's easel. The processing sketch is slowly start to paint your portrait as if an original painting would happen. You can sit as long as you like to see more detail work until the next person triggers the palette to start the newly captured portrait. The project is trying to take the user to an old time favorite process of fine art, portraits by great impressionists.

Van Gogh used his brush strokes in a very particular way. He created a pattern that is recognizable. The processing sketch is using a pointillist style to mimic those strokes. The reason that I wanted to create a portrait of the user is related to the "Self Portrait" understanding in fine art. I think it is a way to communicate for the painter to show their appearance to the audience. There is something there about the need to show who they are rather than just only being known by the work they have done.

Anyone, from 3 year old to the elderly. I think anyone can find something about themselves in this project. It is great to be able to communicate the impressionist to the younger generation also.

User Scenario
The user comes in and sits down in front of an easel that has a canvas. As soon as he/she sits down the palette starts to paint his/her portrait, stroke by stroke. This process doesn't take minutes but it takes a while allowing the user to watch their portrait to be revealed. The palette continues to put brush strokes of the details until the next person comes in and sits on the chair.

It is made of a processing sketch that is mimicking Van Gogh's brush strokes. The projection is mapped to fit perfectly to the canvas so it looks convincing. The trigger MaxMsp patch is looking for a proximity sensor number to change for the palette to start painting. As soon as the user sits on the chair the reading from the proximity sensor triggers the web cam hidden on the easel. The camera captures the pose and instantly the program starts to paint the new painting.

I realized that I can recreate greatest painter's works using processing and the power of video mapping to create augmented realities that is mesmerizing.