Kim Ash

Video Paramecia

Live unicellular sexual reproduction, starring you.

Computational Cameras,The Nature of Code

Processing takes video input, and uses an algorithm based on the conjugation of paramecia (an exchange of genetic material) to alter the image onscreen. Each box acts as an autonomous cell, containing the pixel "DNA" for that region of the video. Boxes conjugate with other boxes immediately next to them. You can see segments of the image's "DNA" spread through several boxes at a time as they conjugate with one another. Sometimes a mutation occurs, in the form of a new live picture.

This is my own variant on a genetic algorithm. I remember learning in AP bio about a form of sexual reproduction called conjugation that is practiced by paramecia. Most of the time paramecia reproduce asexually, by dividing into two perfect copies of themselves. But every so often, one paramecium joins with another, and they exchange genetic material. I took this process and used it to inform the mixing of cells in my video input.


User Scenario
User stops by to watch themselves and see the program progress for a minute or so.

I want to set this up with a camera and a monitor so that users can see it large scale.