Doug Kanter


A selection of data visualizations including Insulin on Board, a representation of my diabetes medical data.

Data Representation

I am featuring my work from the Representation class. This includes my final project called Insulin On Board. As part of my personal project Databetes, I continue exploring new ways for patients to make better use of their personal medical data to improve their health. Insulin on Board examines the relationship between insulin totals and the resulting blood sugar levels.

As a diabetic of 25 years, I believe that patients need better tools to manage all the data they are producing. I produce over 300 data points a day. There is no service on the market that handles this information effectively.

People who are interested in data visualizations, big data and health care reform.

User Scenario
I will print out the above projects and ideally hang them on the wall or from the ceiling. An additional monitor would allow me to also present additional work on the computer

The Insulin on Board project will be one very long print, since it covers 100 days of data. I would probably need to tape these projects to the wall. I am scheduled to go to the AMS printer on Tuesday.

I learned that my diabetes control is much more likely to occur the less insulin I take. The data shows that a low-carb diet works.