David Lobser

A Taxonomy of Wishes

This project is a catalog of artifacts grown with a custom, procedural modeling tool.


Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow)

"A Taxonomy of Wishes" consists of a series of high definition projections of skeletal entities. The piece compares the act of wishing to conception. The act of wishing usually involves privacy and gentle breaths and results in some small physical change in the world. This small change may grow into something real. The mechanisms by which this happens may be examined but are essentially mysterious. The piece celebrates the uniqueness of each moment, each living thing and each wish.


People interested in art and design. I'm approaching the project from different directions and hopefully the end product will appeal to people with a variety of backgrounds.

User Scenario
The piece will consist of a projection and a 'candle' either extending from a wall, placed on a stand, or hung from the ceiling. The candle will be low to the ground forcing the viewer into a kneeling or supplicant state, reinforcing the prayer like quality of a wish. As the participant blows on the 'candle' (actually a small microphone) the 'tree' will disintegrate into particulates (dust to dust) and then begin to re-form.

The piece consists of a projection and 3d prints. Depending on various factors it may make sense to emphasize one or the other.

The project is a fairly typical topic in computer science, but my approach is creative and driven by aesthetics - providing more interesting results than you'd see from a typical undergraduate computer science program. I also discovered a very particular fractal-like animated form that is extremely simple and obvious on the one hand, but like nothing I've ever seen before.