Bruna Calheiros


Alice is a mobile application that can transform an ordinary day into a memorable experience. Every city contains hidden gems revealed only to those lucky enough to find them. Alice allows you to explore your city, leaving no stone unturned.


Imagine a world where every time you go out, you have an adventure. Imagine a city full of countless opportunities to experience something new, something exciting, something that brings you memories for life. Meet Alice, a mobile application that makes it easy to plan extraordinary experiences by providing handpicked, unique activities that can be saved in lists. Are you in the mood for unusual food? How about a strenuous activity or a secret romantic evening? Alice offers a different way of providing suggestions that takes the user's state of mind into consideration. Whether discovering your own city like never before or exploring a new city as a local, jump through the rabbit hole and let Alice take you on an unforgettable journey.