Sarah Rothberg
Valerie Chen

Alpha Beta: Girls Gotta Shop

Come push your cart through the Alpha Beta Food Mart and buy food.

Digital Spaces: Imagining Worlds in Realtime 3D

Alpha Beta is an experimental supermarket shopping game with an unconventional hand-drawn aesthetic that challenges the look of more traditional Unity projects. Alpha Beta draws from a long lineage of supermarket worlds and games about object collection (Katamari, Supermarket Sweep)to create a new grocery experience.

We looked at different supermarket video games on the internet, tv shows like Supermarket Sweep and The Mighty Boosh, as well as museums and general spaces of curiosity (The Museum of Jurassic Technology) that we've been to in real life to think about what we wanted the feeling of our market to be like. We wanted to rethink the types of games that are made for girls.

Anyone who is interested in unusual shopping experiences.

User Scenario
A passing user sees the game, feels visually attracted to it and decides to stop and play. She navigates the game using a keyboard (or possibly a joystick) and mouse. Gameplay should take about 7 minutes. Ideally the user has fun.

The completed game is completely digital. We will run the game on a screen and build a diorama in the space around it, which will include the original watercolors that became the assets in the game.

We learned about using Cinema 4d, building scenes in Unity, scripting, balancing the physics of assets with computer processing capacity, and honed our watercolor skills.