Kang-Ting Peng


Once again, simply calling is going to become the hottest thing in your relationship.

Redial: Interactive Telephony

It is basically a cloth and a dumb phone, but it could be the new exciting activities you are going to have in your relationship. Try imagining a cloth with vibration motors on it. Put it on, and someone who has got the number is going to call you and trigger the motors. Try imaging it another way, you have got a number, and someone is going to touch remotely via your fingers and breathes!

I know, I know. There is a stuff called “Fundawear” of Durex. But this is even better. Get rid of the app you have to pay for and download. Get rid of the binding process between the app and the cloth (wireless often out of control). Pick up your old dumb phone and start teaching it some new tricks! Simply call a number and press the keypad, you can control the vibration motors sewed on the cloth to performance. Different digits stand for different places, which waiting to be uncovered. Plus! The “whispering” mode allows you to vibrate the cloth by whispering or blowing. There are so many possibilities waiting for users to discover in their relationship.

Teledildonics, Haptic Technology, Telephony, and Network.

Anyone who likes to play and has good sense of humor.

User Scenario
There will be a cloth on mannequin or hang up. Audience can touch and try to call the number and see how it works. Also a bandage will be offered for audience putting it on to feel the vibration.

cloth and network.