Patricia Rodriguez-Zablah

Borders Game

A physical maze where you take me into the hurdles and wins of immigration until I reach the US.

Video Sculpture

With this project, I aim to illustrate the path one must go through to remain legally in the United States and the little mistakes or time constraints that exist within each of the hurdles and life events that one goes through. This is meant to give light to a serious issue by allowing the player to move me physically through a situation that is peculiar to myself and other international students.

Most of the background for this project is my own personal experience as well as inspiration from other video artists like Marck, who makes video sculptures where people are trying to escape physical objects. Given the hot debate revolving immigration issues right now, I believe this project can serve to further explain some of these issues in a digestible, fun manner.

My target audience is people that grew up with video games- mainly adults. And anyone who is willing to learn about this serious issue through a fun experience.

User Scenario
In an ideal scenario, a user would want to help me on my journey to the US. The user would direct me to the scenarios that can buy me more time or eliminate more time for me, like getting a visa, getting a job or losing a job, and my character would be at their mercy.

The maze and the images are made in Processing, using various libraries like the gifAnimation library, the minim library, the Syphon library and the serial library. The sketch listens for serial events from Arduino and the projection goes through madmapper, to ultimately be viewed on the CNC'ed wooden maze.

I learned how to integrate Syphon with Processing, how to iterate extensively on a project, how to use the CNC and Vectorworks, how to shoot on the green screen (for the Gifs) and how to projection map.