Moe Shahrooz

Cosmic Den

The Cosmic Den jukebox is a one of a kind, interactive, interplanetary, audiovisual experience.

Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow),Video Sculpture

This is a re-interpretation of the living room, also suitable as a new addition to the den of your home. A living, breathing entertainment center. Enjoy the benefits of not only the cosmic images on the plasma television, but also of the music video coming to life from your coffee table. Your stereo is now alive and awake. Have a seat on the couch and select your preference of genre. Sit back, relax, listen and feel. See the sounds. Spawned by the idea of creating a live, dynamic EP, "Cosmic Den" was built to exist as an operative, active album. Version 1.0 will inevitably become the prototype for an intriguing variety of future installations. In version 1.0, the USER can choose between three genres: R&B, ROCK, and HIP-HOP. All songs provide a separate atmosphere and setting, each with it's own affect. Songs are to be played in their entirety (1min30sec each). Although all three songs are modeled in the style of their respective genres, the mood is remarkably similar throughout the experience. There is a continuity and tonal fluidity between the songs, no matter what order they are played in. Created with image mapping, using MadMapper, Photoshop, After Effects, Arduino, and MaxMsp/Jitter. All songs are self produced, written, and recorded. The Cosmic Den is meant to bring the feeling of live performance and artwork to life within a relaxed environment. The sounds are vibrant. The audiovisual landscape is lush. Come take a few minutes to observe, listen, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Cosmic Den.

The idea was to record an EP, and then create an interactive audiovisual installation based on the vibe and tone of the music. Research topics ranged from human projection techniques to rogue performance methods.

User Scenario
The project is initially in its "idle state" until a button representing a specific genre of music is pressed. That is when the coresponding video is triggered. After the video is finished, the installation returns to it's idle state.

50" plasma TV, black wood coffee table, small persian rug, one person loveseat, tape deck, 4 surround speakers(not working), 3 plastic spheres, 3 acrylic bases, 2 large LED lights, one user interface, 1 projector, 3 large push-buttons.