Tianyu Wu


Collective poetry generated from the dialogue of your phone calls, mixed with social media and news feed data.


Reading and Writing Electronic Text,Redial: Interactive Telephony

DIALTRY(dial to poetry) is a interactive poetry which generated by the dialogue on the mobile phone. A screen will show a poetic text made by many people real time when you make phone calls(randomly shuffle the text). Also, it could be mixed with what people talking on social media and news feeds(Markov chain).

It's interesting to see how people react to the weird poetry made by machine and human beings.

ALso, a website about anonymous poetic chatting room is in www.dialtry.com

I am interested in using a poetic way to redefine, recreate or even disrupt our daily conversation when we make phone call to other people, and how new technologies could make new way to change daily conversation

People who bring their cellphones(don't need smart phones)

User Scenario
People dial a phone number, there would be a poetic text generated on a screen get the data from what you say on phones. I will focus on how they interact with other people and how the dialogue change depend on what participators see.

speech recognition(time delay 1~2 seconds)

randomly shuffle sentences(ruby)

text visualization

The technology:

Speech to text(speech recognition) is poetic enough itself since it's not precise.

The poetry is created by both machine and human-beings, a collaboration.

Human Beings:

Still find talk is the basic way of communication, though they can tweet online and use facebook chat.