Asli Aydin

Four Seasons

Through a Looking Glass: the coming and going of seasons and transience depicted through code.

The Nature of Code Studio

My project is a processing sketch done for my nature of code class. It is a sketch of the four seasons that we used to live before global warming. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring all have very different characteristics that can be seen in nature. Summer comes and the sun is up and shining, grass is green, the winds are calm. Comes fall, leaves turn brown, winds start to blow and rainy days are on way. Winter colors us white with snow while spring in pinks and colorful hopes. My project is a visualization of the four seasons, supported also by the sounds of the seasons. The window will be an actual hand-made window and not the one in the sketch as it is right now.

Reading the Nature of Code Book

User Scenario
In an ideal scenerio the LCD screen will be behind a built window hang on the wall, with a speaker to the side for the sounds of nature to be heard


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