Adam Quinn
Andy Sigler
Anne-Marie Lavigne
David Lobser
Mike Milazzo
Omer Shapira
Patricia Rodriguez-Zablah
Sarah Rothberg
Valerie Chen
Will Canine

.gifBooth plus

.gifBooth plus is a gif-creating photobooth that takes the form of a scaled-up original macintosh computer and features retro-graphic filters by several ITP students.

Designing for Digital Fabrication

The idea is straightforward: inside the booth, pressing a button initiates a processing sketch that creates gifs from video input, which are then displayed on a larger monitor on the exterior of the booth and are uploaded to the internet. The booth itself takes the form of a scaled up Macintosh plus, complete with CNC'd facade and rainbow banana logo. Inside the booth, the user has the option to choose from one of two large dome push buttons labeled "filter" or "random filter." The filters are processing sketches created by ITP students meant to harken back to retro computer graphics.


User Scenario
Users walk into the booth, press the button that says either "filter" or "noFilter", get their picture taken for about fifteen seconds, then walk out and see their gif on the front monitor and potentially download it later from a