Gal Sasson


GOGOAM is a music performance tool - a generative music composer.

The Nature of Code Studio

This project is about generative art in the form of algorithmic music composition.

The program generates random shapes that hold a unique tune. The performer controls the instruments, timing, and what shapes to use. The geometry of each shape is tightly coupled with the tune it makes. The distance from the center of the shape to its boundaries determines the pitch of the note to be played at any given angle.

The visual was inspired by the first generative (computer) art ever exhibited by Georg Nees in 1965.

I was inspired by a generative artwork done by Georg Nees in 1965. This was the first generative art piece that was ever exhibited.
In this piece, Nees was moving a plotter head one axis at a time, creating closed squared shapes. Every shape also have one diagonal line, most probably the one that connects end to start. All of the vertexes positions are completely random, probably with even distribution.

Anyone who is interested in music or generative art.

Live music performers.

User Scenario
I imagine one to three people standing in front of a projection of this piece and controlling the shapes with laser pointers. Putting shapes on the players, removing them, and collaboratively creating their composition.

I used Processing and I'm sending MIDI notes to Ableton Live.