Sara Al-Bassam

Ila Binty إلى بنتي

Ila Binty is a website that asks Saudi men and women to write letters to their (current or future) daughter, telling her what they think is most important for her to know about life in Saudi Arabia and what they want for her future.


Ila Binty [To my Daughter] is about documenting our current experiences and lives as Saudis. We are a diverse group who share the same space but experience it very differently. The site works as a “time capsule” that will give us, and the next generation, insight into what makes up our country.

Ila Binty is also an exploration of what it is we want for our daughters in Saudi Arabia. We all want the future to be better, but what does “a better future” look like to each of us? And what is our role in helping us get there?