Amik Ahmad

Impermanence of Chaos

The Impermanence of Chaos explores the relationship between beauty and devastation by merging the Japanese aesthetic of impermanence with live earthquake data.

Data Representation

This is a dynamic data visualization that uses in live earthquake data from the USGS and recreates these forces digitally to make a Japanese Sakura Tree shake and wither. The regeneration of the tree over time is symbolic of the resilience of the Japan and investigates the idea of the Japanese identity.

As a Japanese speaker and former resident, the culture makes up a significant part of my identity. Japan is a strange place and the Japanese spirit is something I only came to understand after many years of interaction with Japanese culture. After Fukushima, I realized that tying earthquake data together with my vision of a cherry blossom tree would sync with my fascination with chaos and beauty: something that has been a recurring trend in many of my projects.

Everyone. Anyone fascinated with beauty and art. And of course Japanese people.

User Scenario
Watch and react. It is an aesthetic experiment.

Processing. There are some elements I want to incorporate that are still outstanding, such as an object oriented timer and regeneration. This should all be simple, but I need to take the week of the 6th to implement it.

I learned that live data is hard to manipulate, and that without calculus, I can't make a tree look natural.

There was a lot I learned and this project, spanning from ICM to now, is representative of the evolution of myself over the last two years.