Negar Behbahani

Life in a Long Shot

I have a feeling and I’m not sure if it’s love or regret.


Live Image Processing and Performance,Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow)


The concept comes from an experience that I had when I was 9 years old. As a nine year old girl who according to Sharia has reached the certain age to be considered a mature woman and expected to do the obligatory religious duties such as daily prayers, fasting and wearing properly and also old enough to be married; schools celebrate a religious ceremony called poberty ceremony to mark this enormous change in their lives.

Interactive Installation

There is a 9 squares hopscotch on the floor whenever an audience start to play hopscotch and step on one of the squares, a narration combined with sound is played during the play.

These 9 different narrations are stories about myself from 9 years old to now (29 years old). they are about one minute story that shows the impact of religious believes in my life and the extreme contrast that I face them during each day of my life.

The earth and heaven squares in hopscotch are very meaningful for the concept of my work and also playing with hopscotch is like a stolen childhood from 9 years old children who should act as a mature woman.