Andres Taraciuk
Todd Bryant

Mise en Matryoshkas

A 3D game installation played with your face expressions.

Digital Spaces: Imagining Worlds in Realtime 3D,Rest of You

The user controls a matryoshka doll with their face. The doll rotates based on the user's head position. There are 4 different possible states: happy, sad, shy and surprised. The digital space will change based on the current detected expression from the user: the face of the doll, the decoration on its dress, the color of the background and the music. When the user is satisfied with the doll, he presses a button, that doll is finished, and a new doll is revealed inside the previous doll. The user has to finish 4 dolls, and he can choose the desired expression on each doll. The background and the music are additive: each chosen expression contributes to the final background and the final music. This way, the user is also building its own personalized quilt (the background is made like a Russian quilt) made of the combination of the chosen expressions, and same with the music. After the 4 dolls are set, a grand finale occurs.

This experience started as a Rest of You midterm that was out of scope. Once I discovered the FaceOSC stand alone app I knew it was just a matter of time before I got it into Unity

gamers, people who like generative patterns and music

User Scenario
A user will walk up to the game which will be on a loop between the main title and the instructions. They will press the button (the only physical interface) and the game will guide them through calibration and the playing of the first level.

This is a Unity3D standalone app that is powered by the FaceOSC standalone app. The button is programmed witha Teensy so it is plug and play with usb protocol

we broke a lot of virtual dolls. At one point we were having each of them destroyed in a unique way until we decided to just open them up in the traditional manner. I also think we've expanded the toolbox for future Unity3D users