Donna Miller Watts

Mysterious Corpse

The Exquisite Corpse may have drunk the new wine but the Mysterious Corpse drinks the future cola, in this telephonic mystery-text mashup.

Redial: Interactive Telephony

Mysterious Corpse is a phone/audio game (for 1-2 players at a time) version of a small sinatra/ruby web project I created for webcomm class this fall. The player is offered a few options via phone: Which mystery sub-genre? (noir, legal, satirical, political, whodunit, romantic/gothic), US or non-US location and protagonist, M/F. Upon selecting these options, the player hears a Google Speech to Text reading of the resulting text-mashup of sentences from titles served up from the Mysterious Corpse database meeting the chosen criteria. These mashups of texts from different novels often embody the poetry of the non-sequitur, but just as often they are eerily consistent with each other. The players then guess the authors' names and if correct, hear the title information and a small clip of music appropriate to the mood of the mashup. Depending on time constraints, I may also include film clips played on an adjacent screen as a payoff for the winner of each round in addition to, or instead of, the music clip.

People who appreciate the poetry of non-sequiturs.

Asterisk, Ruby, Datamapper, Yaml, HTML, CSS, Google Voice Recognition, Google Text-to-speech

It's not that easy to "just convert" a website to a telephone app. Rackspace, hacking around a little in Ruby. Voice Recognition is still very rough and very hard to make accurate without a lot of fancy footwork and knowledge that I do not yet have.