Andres Taraciuk
Greg Dorsainville
Kristen Barry
Liz Khoo
Omer Shapira

Neuron Leap

A high-energy video game: travel the energy signal of your brain's neurons

Playful Communication of Serious Research

Neuron Leap is an interactive exhibit/game highlighting research by Dr. Wendy Suzuki from the NYU Center for Neural Science. Her lab has early findings that link exercise to the strengthening of neural functions that support memory, recall, and learning. In Neuron Leap, visitors experience how our brain cells communicate and how a memory forms by playing this short, fast-paced, high-energy game. If a player wins, their photo is uploaded as a "long term memory" to the Neuron Leap "winners' wall".

All ages, but specifically ages 14-400. Anyone can play, not everyone can pick up the lesson.

User Scenario
A self-regulating system in any large space that doesn't mind people having fun and making noise. It needs room for players to move.

This is a unity powered game from a projector or large screen. It uses stereo sound and speakers. It also uses the tumblr api. For presentation some projection mapping will be used.

Unity workflow, project management, tracking interaction. Gameplay mechanics.