Lei Ng
Mary Fe

Night Rest

One face. One lamp. One projector. Two uncanny creators.


Live Image Processing and Performance

The night is re-imagined when a face visits. The face reveals and hides itself somewhere between night and day. It sees itself and remembers what life was. Its recollections narrated through varying perspectives - I see you full. I see you. I did see you. I see. I saw. As night falls, the audience joins the face on the journey of discovering sententious whole out of its many facets.

Night Rest attempts to explore the quintessential of physical theatre - how can a face become a performativity element which is as powerful as the body? Adopting face recognition and face detection technology, the artists push the expressive boundaries of a face by translating micro-movements into soundscapes and imaginary visual plateaus.

Started with a keen interest in merging physical theatre with digital technology and exploring the interaction and dialogue between physicality of the body and its digital double.

People who are interested in live performance mediated by technology.

User Scenario
  1. The performer enters.
  2. She positions her face over the the lamp in the center of space.
  3. Behind her we see a large projection screen.
  4. We see three faces of her from different camera angles on the screen
  5. As she moves her face in and out of the light beam, the faces behind her appear and disappear.
  6. She twitches her face, blinks, raises her eyebrows, contorts her mouth.
  7. Each micro-movement triggers a different soundscape.
  8. These movements augment the faces over time

faceOSC app to read facial data connected to MAX/MSP to create the soundscape and augment the face projections live.

Discovering the essence of a performance and what makes it powerful and memorable. To explore story-telling with the most minimal element - one face. one lamp. one projector. To balance visual spectacle with meaningful narrative. To learn, understand and implement face detection technology proficiently.