Andrew Cerrito

Peanut Gallery

Watch something you like with some people you don't.

Live Image Processing and Performance

The user will sit down with a TV or display device in front of them. They can pick a show to watch and it will start. A rectangular box with two holes in the top will be next to the user. Once the show starts, large inflatable tubes will pop out of the holes at random intervals and a projector will project grumpy-looking people on them. These people will do various things to disrupt the user's TV-watching experience, including messing with the color balance, rewinding, language options, etc. Each person will have an audio cue to signify how they're disrupting the experience ("The colors are all off!", "The TV's too loud!", etc) .The user must fight the disruption to their TV watching by pushing the inflatables back down into the holes.

People who'd like to try a less passive experience when consuming video.

The physical object housing the inflatables is made out of plywood, and the inflatables themselves are made of ripstop nylon. The fans to the inflatables are controlled by an Arduino, which sends the appropriate messages to Max/MSP to alter the video when the inflatables pop up. Messages are sent to restore the normal video when the inflatables are pushed back down again.