Todd Bryant

Persistence of Perception

A joystick-controlled 360 degree panoramic audio visual timelapse

Live Image Processing and Performance,Video Sculpture

Viewers get to explore a timelapse on s screen. They can use the joystick to pan left or right and also push it forwards and backwards like a gear shift to increase or decrease the speed of the video. Sound is recorded as well, so they get to hear to change of speed in ambient nature

A lot of research on how to hack Canon cameras with the CDHK and how to stitch together multiple pictures into a panorama

Anyone who likes joysticks and who likes rooftop views of Manhattan

User Scenario
A user will see the timelapse running through a projected image on the wall and a joystick in front of it. The joystick is restricted in motion to up or down, left or right. As they try one of the directions they will see the image either speed up, slow down, or begin to pan either left or right. The speed has eight increments so the user can use the joystick like a gear shift and make the day elapse in a matter of seconds or they can slow it down to almost real time and even make it go in reverse for the same 8 segments. The piece runs in a continuous loop

The joystick is wired with a Teensy so it's plug and play with usb protocol. The joystick will control a Max patch that holds an array of videos edited to different speeds

I broke 12 point and shoot cameras due to suprise spring showers and woke up at 5 am at least 7 times so far to try to get a full day timelapse from sunrise to sunset. As the days get longer it becomes harder to shoot it in its entirety