Carl Jamilkowski
Fang-Yu Yang
Harry Chen

Remember Alamo

Astor Place is an iconic location around which many memories are centered - this installation stores and plays back those memories while connecting the spaces of the busy street and subway below.

Spatial Media

The Astor Place Cube (aka Alamo) is a centerpiece of memories for tourists and locals alike. This project serves to preserve and share those memories as well as connect the spaces of the busy surface traffic and commuters in the subway station below.


Tourists, commuters, locals

User Scenario
Somebody walks up to the Astor Place Cube and spins it. The speaker installation in the subway below lights up and starts to play back a sound recording of some memorable moment (like a street musician). Observers in the subway laugh, gasp, or discuss what they are observing and their sounds are played back to the person spinning the cube. When the spinning stops, the playback is terminated on both ends.

The mock-up for the show consists of a miniature Astor Place Cube made of cardboard on a pedestal - this is what people spin (it simulates the real cube) - and the other component is a triangular formation of hanging speakers (in mini cubes made of plexi and attached to a Mac Mini) that plays back sound (to simulate the subway installation) in 3 different directions.