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Christian Bovine

VideOh! is a series of viewer manipulated interrupted videos.

VideOh is pushing the limits of what we currently know as online video. Although this is a very new medium and some people are still not comfortable with watching videos online on a regular basis, I feel there are numerous opportunities to rediscover this medium. We have the technology to change or alter any of the videos we watch online, the question is why aren’t we doing this?

My thesis has been exploring the pros and cons in what we can do with videos and the audience’s interaction. It started with the idea of clicking on the videos for instantaneous correlated information to what the viewer was watching. After trying experimenting with that, I moved into a more creative area allowing the viewer to make decisions, which would result in alternative stories.

Using the most popular distribution channel we have online, YouTube we now have the ability to tell new and innovative stories or possibly a new form of narrative.

VideOh's are made using the YouTube API.

I learned that there are various opportunities to tell stories or find alternative ways of using the video distribution channels currently found online.