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Dean Gransar

Is tagging the best way to organize ideas? What could improve the existing practices of logging, blogging and diary writing?

There are many platforms for storing and sharing information. Every system focuses on a specific type of information such as blogs, image descriptions or url-tags. Every platform usually deals with one type of data. How would a platform for storing many different kinds of information look like?

This is an experiment that explores the different ways the ever-changing ideas we have can be logged, stored, structured and retrieved in an efficient way. A system that holds many different data types should also connect them in a meaningful way that helps us understand them better.

Ideas are all different in nature. These differences break down into their occurrences, their context, their time, their importance ... which all can be further organized based on the images they invoke or a feeling they arouse. Some are recurring while others are infrequent like gold dust. In a system that attempts to sort similar ideas, the notion as ideas as being unique can be great challenge.

I will explore the concepts of knowledge, recollection and reflection form the view point of Plato to explain my intentions and goal. I will briefly explain existing diary-writing practices methodologies -- writing as self-discovery (Ira Progoff) and creativity (Tristine Rainer).

My target audience are people who regularly log information or have an interest in recording a particular topic. This people don't necessarily interested to a particular information they are looking for -- but have an inherent interest in the process of writing, recording and updating information.