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The missing cups

Kuo-Kang Tseng

A piece that can let you know where the person you are missing is.

Like human's face, the mouth of cup always face in front, while you are talking to other people, or praying to your god, whenever you are serious, you will face to the object that you are focus on. Therefore, love is the most devotional belief, so I believe when you are missing someone, you will also want to turn to it's direction and send it your yearning, and this is the idea of my thesis - The Missing Cups. You and your lover will share a set of two cups, each person has one, and wherever you both are, both cups will turn to face to another, which will lets the owner knows the people you are missing, is one the extended line of the cup is point to.

The target audience is set to long distance relationship, like boyfriend and girlfriend, which don’t stay in the same place, even same country (but at least same planet).

There are lots of thing I learned in this project, cause almost every sensor and library I use I never used before. But as long as the progress kept going, I found that there are something could be better, which are the GPS and wireless connection unit. About GPS, it works pretty well in outdoors, but not indoors, cause how GPS works is receiving the satellites signals to measure the location. To improve it, we can use the AGPS instead. AGPS is using the cellular signal, so it can works well anywhere that your cell phone has signal. How about wireless? The reason that we still need the computer is because we need the Internet access from it, so we can change the data from each other, but how if we can make the cups have wireless access ability? I found there is several way to do it, but there is the thing, even we build the wireless function into it, it only can connect to free public wi-fi, but it is nothing we can get anywhere, so there is still a challenge.