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Scott Corrigan is where advertising professionals come to get creative ideas when they're tapped out. It's a searchable online library of concepts generated, categorized and shared by its users.

There is a subset of workers in the “creative class” who focus on creating new unique properties in the arts, film, gaming, fashion or advertising sectors. Creative thinking allows them to thrive. I think technology can assist these creative workforces in their thinking processes. I want to create a user-generated “concept association” database specifically for the advertising creative developer that requires each user to contribute their own unique creative associations to the database before they can use the system to help them meet their own creative needs. When fully functional, the system will grow in creative knowledge as it’s used to assist in creative thinking.

My fantasy as a creative developer was to work in an ad agency that was only about ideas, an agency that only has one aspect of the business built in: the collaborative brainstorming part Why not create a place where we can go when we are out of ideas? Like a battery recharger for your creative side? When you need to bat ideas around with your peers, go to Fake Agency. It’s virtual. You can browse alone or search for ideas with your creative partner. No paychecks, but great feedback on your ideas. You’re stuck. You get help. You get going again.

The primary user base:
• Agency-employed copywriters, art directors, creative directors
• Film directors and producers
• Advertising students and junior creatives

The secondary user base:
• Vendors to the advertising industry (headhunters, magazines, photographers, talent agents

User Scenario
How it works
Fake Agency uses your skills as an experienced creative to make sure the database has the best ideas.

(1) Review and Tag an idea
First you RATE someone else's concept from 1 to 5 on idea quality. You can even add comments. Then you TAG the concept so it's searchable on the database.

(2) Add an idea
Now you Add an idea to the database. It can be a new idea you want to test or any other idea you like: an award-winning ad, an ad running currently, even work from your own portfolio. But make it good, because it will be rated by another member of the community. The ideas you add improve the database for search.

Now you can search
Because every idea is tagged and rated, you can quickly locate relevant ideas based on tags like product category, technique, or any other tagged word in the idea. You're ability to search lasts until you log out of the system. Next time, you'll rate and add two more ideas to help the database get even better.

This is web-based. Users could access through any web-enabled computer terminal in ad agencies, television and film production facilities, ad schools, and freelancer homes or remote offices. The experience is ongoing, since users will refer to the portal when they are faced with a deadline OR when they want to test their creative skills by contributing solutions to the database.

Creatives would like this, especially if it's cross referenced by the techniques employed.