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Yan Yan Cao

REFELCTION is a video installation that visually compares Manhattan to Shanghai and creates the illusion of being in both cities at once in the moment.

REFLECTION is a video installation which represent a feeling of dislocation, disorientation felt by people who share the experience of continously travelling, relocating from place to place for professional or personal reasons, so called modern day nomades.
It uses projected imagery to compose a narrative of visually comparing two cities, i.e.: Shanghai and New York, that are far apart and culturally distant but are architecturally similar. i.e: skylines, night scene. The aim is to create an interesting illusion of seeing the phantom image of another city,i.e.: Shanghai, in the reflection of Manhattan and vice versa.

**Augmented Space/Learning from Prada- Lev Manovich talks about overlaying of digital information on top of tangible forms/interface and advocates for the unifying effect of digital layer works together with the tangible layer to create an integral meaning for the audience.

** The Image of the City talks about many common characterstic of urban design and uses illustrations to demonstrate the principals of how artifects in the city are organized and arranged.

** Video installation by artist Tony Oursler
Tony Oursler have pushed the limits of the projection outside the screen and have created a new hybrid of video sculptures where the form is free and the screen is no longer limited by the traditional 2D square.

** Responsive Environments Architecture, Art and Design which explores many technically mediated environments that encourages users participation.

** Strangely Familiar

**Electronic Shadow architectrue unconventional projection surface and interaction method.

frequent traveller, nomads

User Scenario
The image of Manhattan ripples on the wall and as the ripple builds up, the image starts to blur and reveal a phantam image that could look like Shanghai or another city in the viewer's mind, and vice versa. User would trigger the ripple by touching the canvas where the image is projected on.