ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

The Mighty Braaain

Estee Wah

An experiment in neuroscience exhibition design.

The Mighty Braaain is a place where you can come and be fascinated by stories of neurological phenomena; some weird, all wonderful. It is also a space in which you can experience things that will make you revel in and question the boundaries of your body and perception.

Cabinets of Wonder
Networked Objects

Phantoms in the Brain - V.S. Ramachandran
What Makes You Tick? - Thomas Czerner
The User Illusion - Tor Norretranders
Parables for the Virtual - Brian Massumi
Mind Hacks - Tom Stafford & Matt Webber

Curious people of all ages

Create a manifesto for my museum based on research on existing science museums and the ways they work.
Design the museum and the visitor experience.
Make several exhibits that could go into the museum and test them.
Build a system used during the museum visit that extends the space of learning beyond the walls of the museum.