ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

The Princes of Persuasion

Ithai Benjamin

A live musical performance starring myself and a band of robotic puppets

All but a few

User Scenario
You're sitting in your house, watching Little Dorit, bored out of your mind, it's Friday evening and you're wondering what to do next. Suddenly ring ring, your phone calls. It's your best friend Debby. She's got news. News so amazing that your ears melt from the sound of Debby's voice saying: The Princes of Persuasion are playing a show tonight at Shmobb's. The Princes of Persuasion?? Tonight?!!! You go nuts. You and Debby start singing the words to all your favorite P.O.P. tunes such as "I Feel Romance In the Air", "Penthouse Duet" and "My Body Has a Zipper On It". You jump into the shower and imagine that time stopped and the bar soap got larger. You slap on some Cranberry Cologne all over your hot bod, for you know, as anyone would know, that you'd feel like an outsider if you were the only one smelling la-natural. You grab you purse and as you run to the door, you take one last look around your house, and smile, knowing that you'll never be the same again, for tonight will most surely be, the experience of a lifetime.